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Committed to
tradition and high quality,
the Swiss way


Inherent Connection
to the Power
of Nature 

Nature serves as our inspiration. We elevate the technological potential of our natural heritage to maximize the positive impact on animals, nature and health.

Our Milestones – the MIRAI journey

MIRAI was co-founded in 2019 by Christoph Mayr and Suman Das with the mission to provide delicious, high-quality cultivated meat at a fair price. Better for the planet, animals, and people's health. Additionally, MIRAI is one of the pioneers in cultivating beef steaks from non-GMO cells.



Founding of MIRAI FOODS

Christoph Mayr, experienced co-founder, and Suman Das, ex-Novartis, teamed up to start MIRAI FOODS: the premium cultivated meat startup



First Key Hires

Extension of team by leading scientists from cell biology, biomedical engineering and material science

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