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MIRAI FOODS and Shiok Meats enter strategic partnership agreement to develop cultivated beef production in Singapore and accelerate regulatory approval

Zurich, Switzerland, August 18th, 2022:

MIRAI FOODS, a Swiss company at the forefront of cultivated meat production, and Gaia Foods, specializing in cultivated red meat technology in Singapore (a subsidiary of Shiok Meats, the first cultivated seafood company in SE Asia), are pleased to announce that they are collaborating to exchange know-how and supplies to bring cultivated beef to Singapore. 


MIRAI FOODS will supply Gaia Foods with its one-of-a-kind bovine muscle and fat stem cells – the essential raw material for producing cultivated beef. These are natural, highly pure, non-genetically modified cells collected from premium cattle breeds, which are hard to come by in Singapore. 


“We are excited to partner with one of the world’s leading cultivated seafood producers and their subsidiary cultivated meat company to extend the culinary choice for Singaporean consumers to premium, Swiss quality cultivated beef”, shares Christoph Mayr, CEO at MIRAI FOODS. “Partnering with a Singaporean company is particularly interesting for us given the country’s strong distribution and partnership network across the Asia Pacific region, which has been showing a growing appetite for safe, high-quality beef”, he adds.


On the other side, Shiok Meats will provide MIRAI with its advanced regulatory information and know-how, gained from being located in the first country in the world to approve the sale of cultivated meat and home to the largest cultivated meat facility in Asia. MIRAI’s regulatory dossier filing in Singapore will be a first crucial milestone for the Swiss company to enter markets outside of its home ground.


Sandhya Sriram, Group CEO at Shiok Meats and Gaia Foods, reveals that “this partnership is the result of a strong relationship we have been building with MIRAI. We already started working with MIRAI’s stem cells and are very happy with their performance. Whilst we will leverage our regulatory status and expertise to help MIRAI accelerate its market entry in Singapore, we are also eyeing on potential production and distribution of our seafood products in Switzerland, a high purchasing power market with a strong first adoption mindset.” 



MIRAI FOODS is a Swiss deep tech food company and one of the fastest moving 2nd generation cultivated meat start-ups, focusing on non-GMO, premium beef. Since its inception in 2019 the company has developed ground-breaking technologies that enable the cost-efficient and scalable production of natural, highest quality, 100% cultivated beef that is tasty, nutritious, and healthy. The unique combination of its patented technologies allows the company to produce whole cut filets and steaks. MIRAI has raised six million USD in Seed Equity, received three million USD in non-dilutive research grants and filed three defensible patents. 

About Shiok Meats and Gaia Foods

Shiok Meats is a cultivated meat and seafood company – the first of its kind in Singapore and South-East Asia. “Shiok” in Singapore and Malay slang means fantastic, delicious, and simply, pleasure. Shiok Meats owns SEA’s first cultivated red meat company, Gaia Foods. Our mission is to bring delicious, sustainable, and healthy seafood and meats to your table, using our technology to grow meat from healthy cells instead of animals. Currently, Shiok produces crustaceans like shrimps, crabs, and lobsters and are the first in the world to do so using cellular agriculture technology. Our meats are real meat, delicious and nutritious. Our meats are animal-, health- and environment-friendly. Gaia Foods specializes on textured red meat like beef steaks. 






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Shiok Meats Pte. Ltd.

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