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What is cultivated meat?
Cultivated meat is meat produced through cellular agriculture, which involves growing muscle and fat tissue using animal cells instead of raising and slaughtering animals.


How is cultivated meat produced?
Cultivated meat is produced by taking a small sample of animal cells, such as muscle or fat cells, and culturing them in a nutrient-rich environment that allows them to grow and develop into meat.


What are the benefits of cultivated meat compared to traditional meat production?
The benefits of cultivated meat include: reducing the environmental impact of meat production, improving animal welfare, reducing the risk of zoonotic diseases, and potentially increasing food security.

A recent study by CE Delft – the first ever to be based on data from cultivated meat companies – found that cultivating meat from cells could cut the climate impact of meat production by up to 92%. This is compared to an ambitious scenario for conventional animal agriculture in 2030 – where farmers manage to cut the carbon footprint of meat by 15% (beef). Compared with current average environmental impacts, the benefits of cultivated meat are even greater. And if we use the freed-up land for rewilding or carbon sequestration, the positive climate impacts could be greater still. The study also compared the projected water use of cellular agriculture to an ambitious benchmark of conventional products, and showed the water footprint of cultivated beef to be 78% lower than conventionally produced beef (258L/kg). Regarding animal welfare, currently billions of animals are slaughtered for food every year. Cultivated meat can be made from a small sample of cells without the need to kill the animal.

Are your meat products non-GMO?
Yes our products are non-GMO. Unlike other cultivated meat companies, who manipulate their cells sing genetic engineering, CRISPR or heavy chemicals and drugs, we only use natural adult stem cells obtained from premium breeds like Piedmontese or Black Angus.

What is the growth medium?
The growth medium is a solution that provides all the necessary nutrients and components for normal cell and tissue growth and development, from the initial few cells to the final product. The medium contains the same ingredients, e.g., sugars, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and/or growth factors as would be found in standard feed for animals, to mimic the natural environment in which cells grow.


What are growth factors?
Growth factors are naturally-occurring types of proteins that instruct the cells on what they should do as part of normal growth and development. For example, to multiply, or to mature into specific tissues and cell types. 


Are your meat products available for purchase now, and if so, where can I buy them?
Our products are currently not available for purchase, but sign up on our waitlist to be among the first to try our product!

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